March 10, 2017


Flexible Packaging – Waxes and Hotmelts

Descomelt hotmelts and Descoflex wax blends are primarily designed for the hotmelt coating and lamination of various substrates in the packaging industry. They are currently available for a wide range of applications such as soap wrappers, confectionary inner and outer wraps, folding cartons, corrugated boards and food containers. 

These food grade,tasteless and odorless products are formulated to meet the customer’s particular requirements and impart the following important properties:

  • Heat Sealability
  • Hot Tack
  • Gloss
  • Moisture and Vapour Barrier
  • Scuff Resistance
  • Reinforcement
  • Grease Resistance

Ozone Protective Waxes

Deskim formulates ozone protective waxes for rubber articles.

They continuously migrate to the surface of rubber components providing a protective film against ozone degradation.

Polyethylene Waxes

The DESKIM polyethylene waxes,both non-oxidized and oxidized grades are efficient compounds.

LDPE and HDPE types of polyethylene waxes are of high purity. They are available in various grades differing in softening point, viscosity, hardness, density and molecular weight. The main fields of application are :

  • Hotmelt Adhesives
  • Metal Protection
  • Rubber Processing
  • Plastic Processing
  • Bitumen Modification
  • Masterbatches
  • Printing Inks
  • Coatings,Lacquers

Oxidized Polyethylene Waxes emulsify easily with anionic and cationic surfactants and can be used as :

  • Water repellent for partical board and paper
  • Protective coating(temporary protection) for metal
  • Release agents
  • Internal and external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC
  • Polishes
  • Textile industry

Fischer – Tropsch Waxes

Deskim range of FT-Waxes are synthetic waxes of mainly unbranched chains and have linear structure.They can be used as lubricants and mould release agents in plastics processing.

Other applications include :

  • Printing inks (to improve abrasion and scratch resistance)
  • Adhesives
  • Rubber

Gum Base Waxes

Deskim supplies Descoflex and DMW tailor made additives (E 905) to the gum base manufacturers as masticatory substances. For ease of handling, products are offered in pastilles, prills or flakes.

Descoflex and DMW gum base products meet the FDA requirements 21 CFR 172.886 for use in food.

Fully Refined Paraffin Waxes

Descopar line of fully refined paraffin waxes are available in various grades differing in congealing point, viscosity, penetration and oil content.

They are white, odorless and tasteless with an oil content under 0.5%.

Descopar line meets the requirements for use as an additive in food which are described by the regulations in force.

Microcrystalline Waxes

Deskim supplies pure DMW line of microcrystalline waxes or combinations with other performance additives.

DMW products meet the requirements for use as an additive in food which are described by the regulations in force.

They can be used in :

  • Adhesives
  • Investment/Precision castings
  • Dental waxes
  • Rubber and tyre industries
  • Cosmetics


Deskim supplies premium quality of Beeswax grades in pastilles which are free of GMO and comply with the regulations.

They can be used in the manufacture of :

  • Polishes
  • Candles
  • Lip Balms
  • Skin Moisturisers
  • Tablet Coatings

Filling and Flooding Compounds for Communication Cables

Petroleum-based and synthetic jelly filling compounds have been in use for years, starting with copper cable and continuing with fiber optic cables. These compounds are applied to the fiber tubes and surrounding cable elements to fill voids, eliminating water paths inside the cable structure.

Deskim’s extensive knowledge and experience in this field serve cable industry with the brand name DESCOJEL having excellent temperature performance, water repellency characteristics and long-term compatibility with cable components. Our product range includes compounds to be applied in semi-liquid or liquid conditions. A complementary range includes swellable filling compounds which have been introduced in place of conventional types during the last few years.